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How to increase your revenue using Social Media

Social Media Advertising

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Organic Follower Growth

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SEO & Blogging

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Expanding one’s business can be difficult.. 

A business strives to increase its revenue year after year and also make things more efficient. 

Here’s the thing:

Many businesses don’t take advantage of social media to reach wide audiences.

In fact, more than a third of local businesses don’t even use social media. 

So what is it that social media can do?

Social media isn’t just a place for checking out your friends, and other people, or even instant gratification. It’s a tool. A single post has the potential to reach millions of people, and may also influence a number of people. Using social media will not may expand your audience if you use it effectively. So what does this exactly mean?

Advertising, on social media, is a great start to reaching a numerous amount of potential clients.

Ads that you may see on social media typically have surveys, so potential clients don’t leave the application/website. These surveys usually collect information to contact the potential client and make the beginning stage of making a sale, usually by a funnel system. 

However, there is also organic content on social media. Although this is a slow process, it will definitely pay off. The more content you produce, the more likely you will have people look at your profile, however, it will take some time. 

There are a few upsides and downsides to both of these. Majorly, the time and cost it takes for the same outcome. 

There is a cost to advertising on social media, however, you get impressions instantly. The more impressions you want, the more you will have to pay. The cost also varies on the platform you want to advertise on. For instance, Google Adwords is a lot more expensive than Facebook or Instagram Ads, but Google will put you on the top of the page. 

However, there’s another way you can increase your impressions on Google without paying for ads. SEO.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is used in many businesses to increase the likelihood of getting ranked on Google. 

You can take advantage of this by following what Google wants on its websites. For instance, Google will rank you higher if you include certain keywords throughout a page. Using images, and using alt text for those images may also increase your SEO ranking. 

However, just like advertising on social media and organic follower growth, Google Adwords and SEO work the same way. 

SEO may take months on end to get your website to the first page, and if it’s in a very populated niche, it’s even more difficult, but it is possible. SEO is used to reach more clients in local areas and will increase the chances of clients. 

So there we have it.. that is what we are trying to do. 

We, at The Designare, will use these strategies and implement them for you.


We not only do social media advertising, but we also optimize the ads for you, and also funnel them to get potential clients, to people who want to book appointments with you.


We also do social media posts, for organic growth, and even blog posts for total digital growth of your business. If you want to learn how we actually carry out what we say, then book a meeting down below!

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